Mary Online Poppins

Virtual Babysitting

Hi, I'm Mary

And I will gladly babysit your awesome kid online!

As long as your kid is at least 5 years old, I can gladly virtual babysit them. We can play games, both on and offline, I can help with homework, practice yoga or just talk to them and keep them active, entertained and out of your sight for a few peaceful minutes - from 30 to 60 to be exact.

Virtual babysitting

I will happily entertain your kid for 1 hour.
We can play games like 20 questions, Simon says, I spy.
We can also play a great deal of interactive and educational games such as the ones found on   

Homework help

I will gladly help with doing homework for kids below the age of 10. For older kids I can tutor in Maths and Biology, as well as check up and provide general feedback on essays and projects. 

Say hi!

If you'd like to chat and find out more about 3veta, I'd be happy to talk! I will show you around how you too can become a virtual babysitter!  

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